New regulation for VMP (Personal Mobility Vehicles) in Spain

It just has been released a few weeks ago the new starting regulation for a new category of vehicles in Spain that are called VMP.
This one includes vehicles of 1+ wheels that move only with electric motor/s and can have a seat or not, and with a maximum speed up to 25Km/h on flat.
There is two kinds, personal transport (only for one person) or goods transport. Both with very interesting technical characteristics.

This opens in Spain a whole new world of vehicles that can be driven in the roads and bike lanes.

More info here:

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Hi Gonzalo !
You say that there is no other limits than the one you list ?
That means :

  • 4 wheels are OK
  • It is ok to use a 600 W electric motor

But still not suitable for a two seaters right ?

Thanks for the news,
Creo que me voy a andar en españa :sweat_smile:


Power can go up to 1000W for personal mobility and up to 1500W for cargo. Check the pdf for more info.

That’s great !

I just don’t understand why do you have 2 differents rules for « personnal » and « cargo »…
When I buy a van for a personnal use or a professional use, this is the same vehicule and the same regulation !..
And in both case I bring 3 people at a time !..

I also saw that the width are different between them :

  • Personnal = 750mm MAX
  • Cargo = 1000mm MAX
    Again, they are both going to ride on bike lane.

1000 is fine, 750 is very restrictive in my point of view…

So this is clearly better than here in France, but still not suitable for a lot of vehicule we are in mind here…

No ?

The Spanish regulators just have invented a new category of vehicles.
The personal transportation ones is mean to englobe all small scooters and balancing vehicles (Like the Xiaomi or Segway or uniwheels…) so 750mm wide is enough for them.

The cargo ones is completely new and as far as I know there not any in the market that fit in that category.
Looks like they want to promote the mobility or cargo throw a new kind of LEV vehicle.

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OK clear !

I just still do not understand for exemple if it is possible to drive a « Cargo vehicles » with two adults on it.
And if not, why ?

That regulation says that NO, cargo ones can not be used for people transportation, only for cargo.

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Thanks I was not sure :slight_smile:

I do not undestand that point…
You need to have a vehicle < 750mm in order to have the right of bringing an other passenger… In my point of view, a bike with 1000mm width would be safer…

Anyway, it is still better than our regulation here in France…

Sorry I may wasn’t clear: Only one person (driver) can go in any of the two categories.

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